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Our  'focus group" is made up of some incredible individuals and we figured what better way to introduce them than give you a taste as to what they each do that makes them happy.

How they “Do Happy”?

Alli Ritch, a 3rd grader in Livingston, NJ offered her class some advice about

how to Do Happy.

Out of the mouth of babes....

Barbara Warter – Founder and Director

  1. Practice Yoga - get my "flow on"

  2. Stay grounded and grateful

  3. Eat chocolate. Or cookies. Or chocolate chip cookies.

  4. Vacation with family

  5. Relax in the hot tub - wine in hand

  6. Listen to music (and sing when no one is listening)

  7. Cuddle on the couch with the kids, or Jeff or the dogs, or everyone...

  8. Look at old pictures - relive happy times

  9. Bubble baths

  10. Give to it forward

Zachary Warter

  1. Play basketball

  2. Spend time with my family

  3. Play 18

  4. Chill with the dogs

  5. Caddying

  6. Volunteer at The Friendship Circle


  1. Food

  2. Her family

  3. Tolerating Otis (In small doses)

  4. Finding small rays of sun to sleep in

  5. Sniffing _______

Jake Warter

  1. Anything Disney

  2. Go Bowling

  3. Chill with the pups

  4. Listen to music

  5. Hang out with friends


  1. Stealing shoes

  2. Getting ice

  3. Opening doors

  4. Eating Ryan's stuffed animals

  5. Keeping Ella young

Jeffrey Sarrett

  1. Hanging with Family and Friends (in that order)

  2. Skiing

  3. Playing 18

  4. Hiking / Biking

  5. Time with Barbara (see her #4)

Corynne Sarrett

  1. Experiment with all sorts of makeup

  2. Explore somewhere new

  3. Sweat through a challenging workout

  4. Adventure with family

  5. Take silly pictures to capture cherished memories

Grant Sarrett

  1. Skiing

  2. Aimlessly driving around and listening to music

  3. Tormenting my siblings

  4. Drinking coffee

  5. Eating sushi

Gillian Sarrett

  1. Sing

  2. Eat Sushi

  3. Catch up with friends and family

  4. Exercise

  5. Listening to the sound of the rain

Since Warter Strong is dedicated to the memory and in honor of Oren and Ryan Warter...

we thought it would be fun to think about what would be on  their “Do happy” lists...


  1. Spending time with his boys...and wife...and dog (in that order)

  2. Hanging with good friends-preferably with a scotch nearby... or Diet Pepsi...or a good steak on the BBQ

  3. Sunday football. Laptop in hand-checking fantasy football.  Redzone in the background.

  4. Playing golf

  5. Technology. Good deals. Good deals on technology.

  6. Yankees, Giants and Steelers

  7. Wednesday night bowling

  8. Laying on the beach, under an umbrella... (best if coexisting with #5)

  9. Camping in the backyard

  10. Billy Joel


  1. PJ days.  (And bubble baths followed by PJs)

  2. Taking pictures and selfies.  With the dogs.  Or characters.  Or the dogs dressed as characters.

  3. Going to the movies. Dancing to the credits. And posing for pictures with movie posters.

  4. Hugs and “I Love you” hand signs.

  5. Sleepovers at Nana & Grandpa's house

  6. Cape May Martian ride

  7. Disney Infinity. Actually, anything Disney

  8. Playing on iPads and computers and internet searches...and YouTube.

  9. Vacations. And hot tubs. And hot tubs on vacations. And hot tubs on vacations with family and friends.

  10. Relaxing on the couch with family.  Doing anything with family.

We could go on and on and on....Ryan epitomized “happy” and lived it everyday...


And we too try and focus on little bits of grit & gratitude every day...

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