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What is the Do Happy Project?​

The Do Happy Project, is an action-based initiative bringing together activities of self-care, charity and movement.  We are dedicated to helping children & adults alike re-think and

re-define "happy".

The Do Happy Project organically grew from the Warter Strong Foundation's mission to empower and inspire people, as well as to support

like-minded charities,committed to helping others

Do Happy every day.


The Do Happy Project is about an outlook.​ It represents an appreciation for life and all that you have.​ We live day to day with the idea that life doesn't have to be “perfect” or "easy" or even "go as planned" to be amazing.

In 2018, through the grass-root efforts of our family and friends, we found our mantra, Do Happy. 

And now in 2021, that MANTRA

has become a MOVEMENT!!