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Giving Thanks...

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays.

And even though life has gotten a bit crazy (to say the least), I am so thankful....

I am thankful for all of my family who would move heaven and earth for us and for our children.

I am especially thankful for my parents-because without their daily support I couldn't do what I do...honestly they are my daily angels.

I am thankful for Lucy-and even though she isn't on Facebook, she proves everyday why I am so blessed to have her in our world.

I am thankful for my community and friends near and far who have been with us through good times and rougher times and are there to help even when I don't know what I need help with... Every note, every call, every kind gesture fills us with strength and love and hope.

I am blessed with the three most wonderful children any mom could ask for and I am thankful for them each and every day.

And I am incredibly thankful for my husband, Oren-who has always been the strong quiet strength behind our amazing family.

I am so proud and so grateful for his resilience and his never-ending devotion to me and our boys. Wishing everyone a wonderful thanksgiving filled with many "thankful" moments...

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