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Riding the Vibes to Recovery...

These past few months have been filled with a range of emotions so varied and so deep.

Our family has been pushed to the limits and even beyond. It has just been a crazy ride.

But, we are strong (yes “Warter Strong”).

My children are amazing and loving and show more resiliency then most adults I know.

And Oren, after three long months, two rounds of intense inpatient chemotherapy, one round of outpatient chemotherapy and a new sexy looking “goatee” is finally ready for the next step.

An amazing Bone Marrow Match was found and Oren will be going in to begin the transplant process this weekend.

We are so incredibly lucky to have found a match and because of the generosity of a complete stranger,

Oren is literally being given a chance at a new life.

We know there will be plenty of bumps in the road during and post transplant, but the plan is to continue to kick ass, take no prisoners, eat lots of pizza and knock out this f-ing disease!

Our doctor and team are incredible and we are just focusing one day at a time and only looking at the positive.

I have said it before, but the support, positive vibes, thoughts and prayers that so many people have sent our way is just unbelievable.

It honestly helps keep us on track and lets us focus on the fight and healing. So please dig deep and keep all the energy coming... we are riding it all to recovery!

Much love... Barbara, Oren, Ryan, Zach & Jake

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