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In Loving Memory....

This summer our son Zach won an award at Camp Winadu for leaving "everything on the court". For those of you that really knew Oren, you would understand why that was so important to us. Oren and I lived our lives appreciating what we have, counting our blessings, seeing the glass "half full" and always giving our all. From the time Oren was diagnosed with AML until two days ago, Oren "left it all on the court". He fought harder and faced more challenges than anyone I knew. And even in these past few weeks, when his circumstances changed and he had to fight through a new set of terrible events... He did everything he could to find a way to give it his all. And as much as I am filled with indescribable sadness and grief, I too know I "left it all on the court". I gave everything I had to be there with Oren physically, emotionally and mentally and get him and our family through this challenging time. I promised Oren Warter that I would take my same fight and values and determination to take care of the boys and I will. I cannot even imagine what life will be like, but I do know that in honor of Oren Warter and out of respect to our core family values, our boys and I will keep following the course that Oren and I started 19 years ago.

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