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The Sound of Silence

Sitting here it is so quiet. Boys are hesitantly back at school With heavy hearts everyone is back at work... back to life. And I’m sitting home in the quiet... but the silence is deafening... In recent years the house ran like an assembly line getting 3 kids off to 3 different schools everyday (and on days with Gillian it was 4&4) People would say “I don’t know how you do it”... but I didn’t know any other way... and had an amazing village of friends that helped. First Jake (or Gill) Then Zach Then Ryan. There never was enough time to do everything I needed to get Ryan ready for school and inevitably I was always late (but if anyone knows me that’s not surprising- I got used to “Ryan time” and integrated that into my own). And the part I had to leave extra time for was Ryan’s “stuff”... dancing in front of the tv... posing for pictures as a show ended... endless selfies with the dogs on the way out the door... and lastly a drink of water then one more drink... then a last one before he started his school day. This video is just a small window to my mornings... how I got to start my days... and what I’m missing most right now. Maybe, just like Ryan, I secretly love chaos too...

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