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Puppy Lovin

Anyone who knows Ryan knows he LOVED dogs.

Really really loved dogs.

He knew all the names of all of his family’s and friends’ and teachers’ dogs... random dogs he met on vacation or in Central Park...

And I swear he connected with them in a very special way... communicating, signing to any dog he met, dancing and taking pictures and posing for selfies any chance he got.

From the time Ryan was born, we always had a dog.

First our bulldog Georgie, who didn’t leave Ryan’s side in his younger more fragile days.

Then came Ella who grew up along side Ryan proving to be the kindest most patient friend.

Then a few years ago, after Oren passed away the kids begged me for second dog.

When I explained to them that it wouldn’t take away our sadness of missing daddy, Zach explained “but it would bring happiness” and quoted ME back to ME saying “you always say to focus on the happiness” (#momisasucker).

So along came Otis... who let’s just say is not as calm and regal as his big sister Ella...(as you will see in the video)

But even when he was “bad”, Ryan had another four legged friend who he loved tremendously... and who made him and all of us laugh everyday (well except when he 💩 in the house)

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