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My Other Life...

In my “other life” I would be sitting at the movies watching The Incredibles 2 right now...

Actually at this exact time I would probably be dancing to the music and credits at the end of the movie (one of Ryan’s favorite activities).

The movie officially opens tomorrow, but Ryan knew that most movies open the night before and I KNOW we would all be sitting in the theater, Zach and Jake (and probably Grandpa) eating popcorn, Ryan excitedly watching all the previews of upcoming summer movies while reading his closed captioning machine (that Jeff always made sure to get for him).

Ryan would be between me and Nana- his favorite women and be so excited because he was “waiting and waiting” for this movie!

He probably would have even convinced Grant and Gillian that this one was worth seeing...

And Brandon... for sure.

Ryan loved movies.

And he loved Disney.

And he really really loved Disney characters.

As you can imagine, Disney World was his dream... that we gave him again and again and again.

Nothing made us happier than making Ryan happy... and it was really easy to do...and so we did it often.

It is one of the things I miss most...making Ryan happy...

When Ryan was happy... everyone was happy.

And so that joy trickled down to Zach and Jake who grew up benefiting from all our “experiences”.

This coming August, Ryan and I were booked to go to Disney.

We were supposed to be staying at the Polynesian Hotel just like we did his first time we went years and years ago..

We had reservations at Chef Mickey and Disney Play & Dine... both places Ryan went in years past.

We were so excited to go to the new Toy Story World and see the building of Star Wars Land...

And for sure we would have met the Incredibles cast...again

Ryan researched everything.

He planned everything he wanted to see (although I did have to veto the trip to Dubai to see some “Dreamworks World” he found).

And now I’m not at the movies.

And I’m not going to Disney in August.

And the sight of PEZ dispensers

(that Ryan loved and collected)

can bring me to tears...

And just missing my “other life”

a little bit

despite the happy moments

I got to watch Jake have today...

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